Next steps – need YOUR help

There are two important next steps happening in August/September.  Please put Monday morning, September 14th on your calendars for status meetings on BOTH islands to discuss slates of candidates and election procedures for both a Name and Board of Directors for our new organization.  (for background on how we got here see this report.)

* Pick a Name for our new organization

You can help by visiting   – an online brainstorming system where you can rank the names, join the discussion, and add new names.  You can also review the criteria that will be used to determine the  three names that will appear on the ballot in September.

* Elect a Board of Directors for our new organization.

We are moving from an advisory administrative structure with tight control by WSU to an independent organization controlled by a board of directors elected by our membership. Therefore, it is extremely important to nominate and elect board members with strong leadership skills. The new board members must be committed to invest the time and energy necessary to help build on our strengths and address our weaknesses as the new organization moves forward.

To help the new Board ‘hit the ground running’, the Change Committee has developed a portfolio of draft documents – updated Vision and Mission statements, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws,  Standing Rules, budget scenarios, and collections of important information (partners, projects, procedures)   Final decisions on all of these are the responsibility of the new Board.

If you would like to run for the Board, or to suggest someone else, please contact a member of the nominating committees: Camano – Loren Blankenship, Kate Ambrus, Pat Foss; Whidbey – Jill Hein, Nicole Luce.