ICBW.Change Guidelines

The ICBW Organizational Change Committee was created, in mid February 2015, to be representative of the membership (in geography and BW experience) and to include a diverse set of skills and perspectives.

What we know now (early March)

  1. WSU is considering the future of all BW programs with an interest toward reducing WSU’s volunteer management roles. Three scenarios are under WSU consideration:
    • Option 1 – Regional BW would cover the 12 counties in the Puget Sound region. [This is unlikely given the high cost, and it would have to be funded by reductions in
      other extension programs.]
    • Option 2 – Continue with a county-based BW program under the oversight and control of the County Director/Program Coordinator. This includes the expectation of compliance with WSU requirements for educational programing, training, and volunteer activities.
    • Option 3 – BW would spin off to become an independent 501(c)(3) organization. We could continue to work with WSU as an independent organization.
  2. BWAC held a series of planning workshops during fall, 2014; members agreed that any change in program structure should retain the best of what Beach Watchers has been in Island County for 25 years. Many also ask for greater local control.
  3. BWAC appointed a committee to investigate all possible structures to identify and recommend structural and organizational improvements that will better serve the needs of the mission and our membership. (see committee members)
  4. This committee is pursuing continuation of the relationship with LEP (Lighthouse Environmental Program) throughout this process while exploring future collaborative avenues.
  5. Staff and contractual relationships, agreements, By-Laws, and Memos of Understanding, etc. will have to be developed once any reorganization plan is accepted.
  6. This will be a transparent process. We will hold a series of pot-luck town hall meetings in April to share what is happening now and to hear from members. Future events, general and regional meetings will also be held to keep members informed.

Contact us with your thoughts and ideas.