Change is coming

February 13, 2015

Washington State University is in process of considering the future of all Beach Watcher programs in the State. In fact, some Land Grant Universities nationwide are trending towards reducing their volunteer management roles. Indirectly, the University has also posed the question: What do Beach Watchers want from the University?

In parallel, during the fall of 2014, Island County Beach Watchers Advisory Council (BWAC) held strategic planning workshops on Whidbey and Camano to find out from our volunteer membership what they visualized for the future of this dynamic and valuable organization. In addition to many excellent ideas for new and developing programs, the participating members sent a clear message that it was time for structural change, even without external pressure.

As change is coming from the University and our members agree that change is desirable, the question becomes: What structure will better serve the continuation of this unique organization that is dedicated to making our marine environment and our home the best place possible?

Therefore, BWAC formed an “Organizational Change” committee chaired by Linda Ade Ridder. This committee will investigate all possible structures to identify and recommend structural and organizational improvements that will better serve the needs of the mission and our membership. Work will begin immediately, and the committee will seek input from a wide variety of sources, foremost the membership and stakeholders.

We expect that there will be one or more opportunities for everyone to come together to talk about the future as well as sharing individual perspectives.

Stay tuned …

Derek Pritchard & Linda Ridder