Let your voice be heard

On March 24, BWAC approved in principle that  ICBW move away from WSU and become an independent, non-profit, volunteer-driven organization,  pending feedback and input from Beach Watcher volunteers.

Come share what Beach Watchers has meant to you, and what you want this organization to be in the future.

Kristen Stavros (ICBW Coordinator  2006-2008, Puget Sound Partnership staff 2008-2013) will facilitate all three meetings. 

Send any questions, comments, or suggestions to icbw.change@gmail.com and check our FAQ at beachwatchers.net/change/faq


We, the Beach Watcher Volunteers of Island County, want to be responsible for the ongoing success of the Island County Beach Watchers program. 

In order to accomplish this, we recommend becoming an independent, non-profit organization, moving away from WSU and the Island County Cooperative Extension Office.


  • We are a volunteer driven program, and future directions will be guided by our membership;
  • BWAC will form (or become) a governing group that will evolve into a Board of Directors at the appropriate time;
  • LEP will continue to serve as our fiscal agent, providing non-profit status and insurance coverage throughout the transition process;
  • existing projects and BW training will continue under the direction of BWAC with LEP support; and
  • future partnerships will be pursued and formed as appropriate (with universities, government organizations, and other non-profits).