We ARE changing

After 25 years as a WSU Extension Program, Island County Beach Watchers is changing. By the end of 2015, with the support of WSU, we will become our own independent, non-profit, self-controlled organization and will no longer be a program under WSU Extension.

What will stay much the same as it is today

  • our basic mission and non-advocacy position.
  • frequency and content of the classes for new volunteers
  • need for a coordinator/director non-volunteer position
  • need to raise funds to support the program
  • need to win grants to support program activities
  • projects and training will continue to follow best practices, based on best available science.
  • our productive partnerships, and our close ties with LEP.

What will be different

  • we control our priorities and programs
  • we can control the funds we generate
  • we can access more grant opportunities (as a non-profit)
  • we may choose a new name … more

For more details, see any of these documents

Feel free to send your comments and suggestions to or contact any of us personally.