This FAQ page tracks questions  about the future direction of ICBW as we move away from WSU and become an independent, non-profit, volunteer-driven organization. (send your  questions to icbw.change@gmail.com, and the answers will be posted here)

Index of Questions

LEP - Lighthouse Environmental Programs
ICBW Programs and Training
Transition Issues


1. What about funding from WSU?

WSU does -not- provide funding for Beach Watchers (except for 1% of the coordinator’s salary/benefits). All other moneys for Beach Watchers currently come from Lighthouse license-plate funds, ICBW fund-raising events (Sound Waters, holiday parties, whale cruises), donations and grants.

2. Are there other WSU resources we might lose?

We do use different WSU services, and curently pay for them from BW funds.  Once the new organization is formed, WSU will have the option to engage in an agreement that specifies what support services (under what conditions) the new organization may be able to access.

LEP - Lighthouse Environmental Programs
3. What is LEP?

LEP (Lighthouse Environmental Programs) is a non-profit, charitable umbrella organization, IRS 501(c)3 initially started in 1994 to support Lighthouse Docents, Beach Watchers and Waste Wise.

LEP  uses funds from the WA State License Plate program to fund lighthouse restoration and preservation, and to support  the three groups above.  It also holds/disburses ICBW funds, and in recent years has provided liability insurance for ICBW events.

4. What will change with LEP?

The Change Committee has met with the LEP Executive Board, and its members are supportive of our plans.  A new Memorandum of Understanding will need to be drawn up between ICBW and LEP to augment that between LEP and WSU.

LEP will continue to act as our fiscal agent, providing non-profit status and insurance coverage throughout the transition process.

ICBW Programs and Training
5. What is BWAC ?

Beach Watchers Advisory Council – see //beachwatchers.net/web/teams/advisory-council/ for more information.

6. What about the training for new BW's ?

We expect to continue training new BW’s on a similar schedule to that done currently (Whidbey – every year, Camano – every other year)

7. Will it be harder to get instructors for BW Training?

We don’t believe so.  We have a 25 year success record in recruiting excellent instructors for our BW Training, and since most of our instructors are from western Washington, the ICBW part of our name counts at least as much as the WSU part.

8. What about Sound Waters ?

Sound Waters is an immensely successful educational/outreach program (and a good fund-raiser) and is run almost entirely by a team of ICBW volunteers.  The SW team does contract with WSU (most recently for layout/printing/mailing of the brochure, and for some office support functions) and may choose to do so in the future.

9. Will the non-advocacy guidelines change?

No. ICBW has always had a non-advocacy postion, and will continue to do so.

10. Where will the money to support ICBW come from?

From the same places it does now – Lighthouse-license-plate funds (via LEP), ICBW fund-raising events (Sound Waters, holiday parties, whale cruises), donations and grants. 

However, the ICBW Program has been drawing down saved funds for the last several years, so additional fundraising efforts will be be necessary (even if we were to stay with WSU)

11. Would Barb’s position go away and her ICBW duties be taken over by a volunteer force? Would any other salaried position be created with the change?

Right now, our GUESS is that the Program Coordinator position as it is now defined would go away and would be replaced by a full-time staff position (likely Director) with a different job description.  The Director would oversee volunteer activities and everything else and would report (be accountable) to the ICBW Board.  We imagine some current coordinator functions might be taken on by volunteers but some functions need  the stability of  paid staff  attending to them.  The point of having a transition period is to work all these issues out.


Transition Issues
12. What about our websites, databases, ...

Any websites/databases that start with beachwatchers.net or volunteerhours.net are -not- currently under WSU and will be unaffected.

We -will- need to transition our legacy website (http://beachwatchers.wsu.edu/island) and our monitoring databases.  We are beginning the transition away from the WSU mailing lists, and that is how you got the email announcing “Beach Watchers IS changing”.

13. Will my status/hours roll over?

Yes they will.  If you choose -not- to be part of the ‘new, improved’ Beach Watchers, we will be happy to remove you from all email lists.