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This website is for keeping the Island County Beach Watcher membership up-to-date with what is happening as we implement structural changes to make Beach Watchers a healthy organization for its second 25 years.

By year end, we will become
an independent organization,
Sound Water Stewards of Island County

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Election results are in (9/26/2015) by Connie Clark - We held our first ever online election (Sept 17-24), with participation much higher than it would have been at a physical meeting (164 electronic ballots were received; in the runoff election for the third Camano Board position – 105 ballots were received) Effective Jan 1, 2016, we will become     Sound Water Stewards of Island … Continue reading Election results are in
Next steps – need YOUR help (8/12/2015) by Connie Clark - There are two important next steps happening in August/September.  Please put Monday morning, September 14th on your calendars for status meetings on BOTH islands to discuss slates of candidates and election procedures for both a Name and Board of Directors for our new organization.  (for background on how we got here see this report.) * … Continue reading Next steps – need YOUR help
We ARE changing (5/4/2015) by Connie Clark - After 25 years as a WSU Extension Program, Island County Beach Watchers is changing. By the end of 2015, with the support of WSU, we will become our own independent, non-profit, self-controlled organization and will no longer be a program under WSU Extension. What will stay much the same as it is today our basic … Continue reading We ARE changing
Formerly known as Beach Watchers ? (5/3/2015) by Connie Clark - Before applying to become a non-profit organization we need a name, mission, and bylaws.  By mid-May, Kristen Stavros is convening a small team, with the goal of establishing criteria for what our name should convey, and brainstorming possible names Resulting names will be run by people with no knowledge of Beach Watchers, to find their … Continue reading Formerly known as Beach Watchers ?
Good kickoff meeting (4/6/2015) by Connie Clark - The Change Committee met with Camano BW’s after the monthly Camano business meeting on April 6th. There was really good discussion which will be folded into our ongoing work. If you weren’t able to attend, please consider attending the Friday, April 10 lunchtime meeting in Freeland, or the Thursday April 16th suppertime meeting in Coupeville.  … Continue reading Good kickoff meeting
Let your voice be heard (3/26/2015) by Connie Clark - On March 24, BWAC approved in principle that  ICBW move away from WSU and become an independent, non-profit, volunteer-driven organization,  pending feedback and input from Beach Watcher volunteers. Come share what Beach Watchers has meant to you, and what you want this organization to be in the future. Camano – April 6th, 10:15-12:15  – Blue … Continue reading Let your voice be heard
ICBW.Change Guidelines (2/15/2015) by Linda Ridder - The ICBW Organizational Change Committee was created, in mid February 2015, to be representative of the membership (in geography and BW experience) and to include a diverse set of skills and perspectives. What we know now (early March) WSU is considering the future of all BW programs with an interest toward reducing WSU’s volunteer management … Continue reading ICBW.Change Guidelines
Change is coming (2/13/2015) by Linda Ridder - February 13, 2015 Washington State University is in process of considering the future of all Beach Watcher programs in the State. In fact, some Land Grant Universities nationwide are trending towards reducing their volunteer management roles. Indirectly, the University has also posed the question: What do Beach Watchers want from the University? In parallel, during … Continue reading Change is coming