Articles Wanted

Writers wanted – it is easy to submit an article. Just send email to and include:

  • your name and Beach Watcher class
  • the article content
  • one or more pictures – and please identify which one should be the ‘featured image’ – to appear above the article.

Articles can be about:

  • What we’ve done recently – interesting trip or lecture or meeting, seining, monitoring, …
  • Who We are – articles about different BW volunteers, and about the new class. It would be great for some newer BW’s to interview some of the veterans!
  • What we’ve done in the past — this will help collect those stories for our 25th anniversary gatherings (stay posted). What do you remember about your class-project? — what was your most memorable BW activity? – …
  • Suggested reunion gatherings – if you’d like to plan a small BW gathering – you can publicize it here – e.g. a pot-luck lunch for the great class of ____, a meet-and-greet for all BW’s living near _____, a picnic for anyone who ever got wet seining, … you get the idea …
  • Links – to relevant news articles or videos

Editing Team

  • Connie Clark
  • Marky Olson
  • Patty Sebelsky
  • Bridget Simon