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Ken Urstad

The 2015 Jan Holmes Island County Coastal Volunteer of the Year was announced at Sound Waters and is our own Ken Urstad!

His contributions to the body of knowledge about eelgrass and his active work on the Island County Marine Resources Committee were two of his winning credentials.  Added to that was his steady and long-standing stewardship of our beaches – removing creosoted logs, all types of debris and even derelict vessels.  And finally his ready and skilled assistance to help assure the success of projects large and small. Be sure to congratulate him when you see him. 

Read more about Ken and the award at the Island County MRC website.

Sound Waters 2015 was a great day!

We celebrated twenty years of Sound Waters in fine style yesterday:  

  • the 2015 program was diverse and filled with good information, 
  • the keynote was fascinating, 
  • the attendance was our biggest ever (604!), 
  • we had more students in attendance than ever before (30), 
  • the 4H Team made more than $800 in donations, 
  • the Waste Wise Team diverted the vast majority of the waste (7 lb of garbage, 140 lbs compostables, 42 lb recyclables) 
  • and the exhibit hall was filled with information about connections between Beach Watchers and many, many organizations across the county.   
We filled South Whidbey High School with energized people all sharing their love of the Salish Sea, their love of learning and their joy in networking.  It was a fabulous day!
To top it off, the 20 year history of Sound Waters was presented in a remarkably creative and beautiful display that presented information about every Sound Waters event – the issues, the keynote, how many attended…and memories. Look for pictures coming your way soon. 
The 2015 Jan Holmes Island County Coastal Volunteer of the Year was announced in the opening ceremony and is our own Ken Urstad!
Its only been 24 hours since we finished up at the high school, and the glow of the day continues. 
Thanks to the SW Team and SW Chair Linda Ridder, all of you who volunteered through the day, and all who attended.  It was a wonderful way to launch Island County Beach Watchers 25th year!